We don’t care what the weatherman says; 5 simple ways to brighten up for spring!

It may still feel a little chilly outside but we are not letting it dampen our spring spirit.

The law of averages says we are due some nice weather soon. So if you don’t want to be left in the cold,  get ready to say ‘hello’ to the sun with these 5 simple fashion gems to brighten up your wardrobe.

1. Add a colourful sports watch for a playful sunny look. We LOVE Swatch’s ‘Summer Buzz’ range. Amazing value. www.swatch.com

Spring fever

2. Colourful jeans and trousers in pastels and brights are back for a long summer of fun. Try a pair with a plain white blouse and ballet pumps for that instant, simple yet sophisticated Saint Tropez look. So jet set darling.

3. Scarves (the floaty summer kind and not the chunky knit numbers) are here in a big way. Add a touch of zing to a simple outfit with a colorful pattern. Why not try floral or geometric?…Or even tassels like this pink gem for only £4.99 in our outlet store http://www.vhoutlet.co.uk

4. Denim is a must have look this season. And Denim jackets are back…..again. And we are not talking the Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears cringe worthy statement from back in the day.Try a short, fitted light denim jacket with your favourite pair of skinny pastel jeans or floaty floral skirt. Summer in a denim shell.

5. OK, so getting enougth sun to tan us on our shores in Blighty might be a bit much to ask for…yet. So why not try a dash of bronzer to give you that split-second summer glow? The pasty look is sooooo last season. We love Calvin Klein’s Summer Affair powder compact. Find it for only £4.99 in our discount beauty store http://www.vanitypalace.co.uk

Happy fashion hunting! Rebecca


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