Living The Sex And The City Life at the New York Public library. Almost.

Remember Carrie and Big’s wedding?
You know, the one in the first film where Big didn’t show until it was too late?
That iconic scene was shot at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue. It is a stunning, truly special building and must-visit destination for every visitor to the magical New York City.
Little did I know when watching that film back in 2008, that I would get to walk up those steps in a fancy dress and high heels on the arm of a tuxedo’ed up hunk (aka my husband, Steve). In sharp contrast to Carrie’s ravishing Vivienne Westwood gown, I wore a simple electric blue number by British high street favourite Reiss.
If you are ever in New York City, be sure to pay a visit to the library and take a walk up those glorious steps – it’s the closest I have felt to being a film star for sure. Oh and don’t forget to check out Bryant Park at the back of the building; my favourite park in the city. Then it is just a short hop and a skip back to Fifth Avenue for serious shopping!
Love Rebecca (and the tuxedo’ed hunk!) x

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