A Word About Online Payment

We have choosen to use Paypal as our method of collecting payment. PayPal is the world’s most popular ‘middleman’ service for online purchasing.

PayPal is guaranteed against fraud and identity theft. It guarantees 100% protection against unauthorized payments from your account. Every transaction is confirmed by email to the PayPal account holder. Any transaction you wish to dispute will give you access to a 24/7 support team of analysts who will sort out your problem for you.

Similar to an escrow service, PayPal acts as the middleman holder of money. Through its policies, practices, and business integrity, PayPal has earned the trust of both parties. PayPal implements guarantees so that both buyers and sellers have assurances that their money or goods can be recovered should the transaction turn sour.

PayPal sends payment without  revealing each party’s credit card and banking information. This is ideal for purchasing goods from strangers, and for transferring money to other private individuals.

It is easy to open an account and save your credit card details for hassle free future purchases all over the world. Anyone with a valid email address and credit card may apply.  Paypal can also be used for a one – off payment without opening an account should you need infrequent use.

A Word about Ex Chainstore and De-Labelled Clothing.

Ex chainstore garments are originally made for large highstreet stores such as Marks and Spencer, Debenhams,  Wallis, Topshop etc.

They are made available to independent wholesalers for a variety of reasons – late delivery, cancellations, overstock and factory overruns are the most common. It can also be issues with specifications of the original orders such as buttons used or dye colour being incorrect. Some garments can be ‘seconds’ but we check that imperfections are minimal and do not knowingly send out anything with a visible defect.

As a condition of re-sale all items must be de-labelled by the wholesaler which means that the original store names are either blacked or cut out. This protects the intellectual rights of the original high street shop and prevents unauthorised store returns for full price.Please be assured that the origin of the clothes are as described.

All garment should retain washing instructions and fabric content. So the main benefit is a substantially  lower price on clothing which will be equal quality to the original retailer.


High Street Fashion from the Vanity House Outlet

A lovely blog post from the winter of our Winter 2014 giveaway. Thank you!

minibreak mummy

Teal M&S dress


I am so excited to have won two beautiful new dresses from the Vanity House Outlet, just in time for the festive season. The dress shown in the top photo is a teal viscose empire-line day dress and the bottom photo shows a plum velvet fit & flare party dress. Both of these dresses were originally made for Marks and Spencer and they are really good quality, but are for sale through the Vanity House Outlet online shop for just £24.99 each.

Vanity House Outlet sells ex high street clothing, shoes and accessories at a discount. They can do this due to cancelled orders, over-production or delayed deliveries. Labels are removed to prevent returns to the high street stores they were originally intended for, but apart from that these dresses are absolutely perfect (although my photographs don’t do them justice!).

As well as Marks and Spencer, there are fashion items available from other famous British high street stores include…

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