12 Fashion Tips: Dressing For Promotion

Are you projecting the right image to get ahead at work?

The choice of your work wear wardrobe is paramount if you want to climb the promotion ladder. Is it time for a closet revamp? Try our Top 12 Tips to Dressing For Promotion and you don’t have to break the bank to jazz up your workwear essentials.

Classic smart black shift dress by Debenhams

A classic black shift dress never fails.


Bang on trend monochrome graphic print dress by Marks & Spencers – £25.99 http://www.vhoutlet.co.uk

Your clothing reflects your attitude and signals to clients that they can trust you – first impressions are vital – styles, colours, lengths and fit will speak volumes about your ability to do your job. Office dressing has relaxed but there are still certain rules to which you should adhere unless your office is very casual.

TIP 1: If you are unsure of how causal/smart you should go, check out what higher level females are wearing and take a cue from them.



Make a statement with this gorgeous Dorothy Perkins shift dress – £19.99 http://www.vhoutlet.co.uk

TIP 2: The more distracting , the less fit for the office – be remembered for a great piece of work not that great pair of shoes which were more suited to a cocktail bar.

Lynchpin pure linen pink long sleeve shirt with double cuff

Smart and feminine pastel pink linen shirt – £16.99 http://www.vhoutlet.co.uk

TIP 3: Secure colours are greys, blacks and browns softened with pastel colours – the current monochrome trend is up to date and can be simple to mix and match.

TIP 4: If you are in an arty atmosphere bold colours and vibrant prints can add the necessary pop to darker staple pieces. However, avoid fluorescent colours. Invest in a few expensive classics and combine with cheaper, seasonal fashions.

Debenhams Collection smart black pencil skirt with narrow belt

Pencil skirts are flattering for any shape.

TIP 5: Keep pants and skirts a conservative shape and length, a fitted silhouette is fine but should not be tight  – they should also be loose enough to be Debenhams smart burgundy & black dress with slimming panels & cap sleevescomfortable when sitting and travelling.  And remember to check  VPL line and no visible thongs !


TIP 6: Try a new look with a more masculine trouser suit, soften it by wearing your hair long rather than scrapped back in a tight bun.


TIP 7: Jackets in striking colours can add a pop!  It is also handy to have a lightweight one in warmer weather to slip on for meetings. They should be buttoned and not gape when fastened.

Lynchpin good quality hand stitched navy linen & silk jacket

Classic shaped, navy blazer, is a work wardrobe staple.

Marks & Spencer ivory lace top with cap sleeves & scoop neckline

Lined lace adds interest – £14.99 http://www.vhoutlet.co.uk

TIP 8: Save statement sheer tops, low-cut numbers or those with spaghetti straps for your leisure time. Also avoid the cardinal sin of showing off your bra!

TIP 9: Try to avoid wrinkled clothing, too many layers and baggy garments as it looks sloppy and conveys the wrong impression.

TIP 10: Heavy jewelry, dangling earrings and jangly bracelets should be avoided as they can be uncomfortable and worst of all, irritate close by colleagues when that fashion statement chunky bracelet clunks on the desk every time you type!


Natural fibres are more comfortable – £16.99 http://www.vhoutlet.co.uk



Add interest with a different texture like this gorgeous navy A line skirt – £15.99 http://www.vhoutlet.co.uk

TIP 11: Slouchy handbags and strappy high sandals look unprofessional  although sling backs are fine in warmer weather. Very high heels convey the wrong impression and think about your poor feet at the end of the day. Try adding a statement color with a cute belt.

TIP 12: It is important to keep up constant maintenance of manicures, hair, shoes and make sure your stockings are run free so you look polished and professional.


All that being said, don’t leave your personal style behind and find a look with which you are happy so you are confident in  your appearance and do not feel uncomfortable.

Keep it grown up, confident and sleek without being girly and you will achieve that all important positive first impression with your clients, colleagues and, of course, your boss.


Classic shift dress in monochrome diamond print by Marks & Spencer – £27.99 http://www.vhoutlet.co.uk


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