Necklines to Suit You

Wearing a garment with the wrong neckline for you will ruin the look of the garment completely. Decide on various factors : face shape,  body type, and bust size and then the most flattering neckline can be identified. Remember the aim is ‘balance’
Face shape  if your face is oval it is well proportioned  and you can wear most necklines.If your face is long and narrow choose necklines which are wider and more shallow to draw the eye to the horizontal so cowl and boat are best for you.
Conversely if your face is rounder you need a stronger vertical line so choose collars that are deeper than they are wide – v necks,  shirt/blouse collars.
Body type  again it is a matter of balance. Large framed women should look for necklines which give a more vertical line – v necks, scoop & sweetheart. Small framed women should look for necklines which give a horizontal line to help the narrower build appear wider.
Bust size   ladies with a small bust and narrow shoulders should go for boat shapes and round necklines whilst big busted women suit lower cut and v lines.

Study the different neckline styles below with a list of your attributes – the type of neckline which appears most on your list is the most flattering – remember the aim is ‘balance



Round & close fitting necks

These accentuate the bust and make the torso appear longer, they also make the face look longer and the neck wider. So they are best for women with narrow faces, long necks and short torsos. Women with large busts and round faces should avoid this necklineMarks & Spencer Autograph Short Sleeved Flower Print Top with Round Neck








Turtle necks

Turtle necks have an extension to the round neckline – it should be no higher than-2 inches below the chin.

They are especially good for women with narrow shoulder,           Marks & Spencer navy short sleeved fit & flare dress with turtle neck

long necks & long face.

Women with wide faces especially should avoid this.




V neckline


Dorothy Perkins multi coloured striped stretchy fitted dress with inset V




Universally flattering as it emphasizes  the oval shape of the face and lengthens the neck, accentuating collarbones. A wide V makes the shoulders look broader, and narrow V makes them look narrower.
Use to counterbalance a large bust, provided the neckline is not overly revealing. Make sure the fit is correct for best look.




Scoop neckline

Bon Marche Jade Green Short Sleeved Stretchy Top With Embellished Scoop Neckline


A rounded neckline which dips to show part of upper chest & has a similar effect to V-neck:  flattering as it  lengthens neck & accentuates collarbone. Suits all body types, but a wide scoop neck will make broad shoulders look broader. It is a good choice for heavier builds & wide faces because it keeps the upper torso proportioned.
Women with long necks & narrow faces should avoid scoop necklines making them look stick like and gangly.


Cowl neckline

Matalan Soon grey cowl neck short sleeved top with blue & green floral printing




A rounded neckline that hangs in draped folds, it has a similar effect to the scoop neck. It  highlights  the collarbone and lengthens the neck. Universally flattering, but women with big busts and broad shoulders should opt for a deeper cowl to avoid adding bulk. The small- build or petite woman should not choose a cowl neckline as the width will make her appear stumpy.



Square Neckline

The square-shaped neckline adds breadth to the torso and shows off collarbones and throat. Higher cut square necklines adds solidity to appearance of fine boned women and lower cut is good for average to larger built ladies because it offers balance and makes the neck look longer?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????





Boat neckline




It runs from one shoulder to the other with only a slight dip so accentuates the bust & makes shoulders look broader, showing off collarbones. It makes a wearer’s face appear rounder, elongates the  torso, and the neck look shorter.
Best for women with small busts, long necks, oval faces, and short torsos.. Also excellent for pear shaped figures as it balances the body. With a shawl like feature it is a very flattering, feminine and classic look.
A good choice for well proportioned ladies who want a more conservative look as it offers a flattering view of the chest without being revealing.