A Word about Ex Chainstore and De-Labelled Clothing.

Ex chainstore garments are originally made for large highstreet stores such as Marks and Spencer, Debenhams,  Wallis, Topshop etc.

They are made available to independent wholesalers for a variety of reasons – late delivery, cancellations, overstock and factory overruns are the most common. It can also be issues with specifications of the original orders such as buttons used or dye colour being incorrect. Some garments can be ‘seconds’ but we check that imperfections are minimal and do not knowingly send out anything with a visible defect.

As a condition of re-sale all items must be de-labelled by the wholesaler which means that the original store names are either blacked or cut out. This protects the intellectual rights of the original high street shop and prevents unauthorised store returns for full price.Please be assured that the origin of the clothes are as described.

All garment should retain washing instructions and fabric content. So the main benefit is a substantially  lower price on clothing which will be equal quality to the original retailer.