5 Essential Beauty Tips For Yummy Mummies To Be

Are you, like our favorite Duchess, soon to be a yummy mummy? Take a look at our simple but heavenly top tips too help you bloom with style. 

We all know Kate Middleton is a few weeks away from her due date, and as always, there is a baby boom in celeb land with The Saturday’s Rochelle Wiseman, her band mate Frankie Sandford, Kim Kardashian, Coleen Rooney, Jessica Simpson (the list goes on.. and on…) announcing their pregnancies and due dates.

There’s no doubt that pregnancy takes its toll on your body. From the raging hormones to the morning sickness to the swollen ankles, with all this going on how do these celebrities get up and face the cameras every morning? I’m sure the answer is plenty of water, plenty of ginger biscuits (for the sickness, not the cravings) and very clever makeup!

BB Cream

Here are our top 5 products for surviving pregnancy in a dignified manner…

1)    Tinted Moisturiser. Instead of caking on foundation to make it appear like you have had a full 8 hours sleep, (instead of the 5 hours trying to get comfortable, and 30 minutes of sleep either side of the baby waking you up at 5.30 by playing drums on your bladder), use a fresh and sheer tinted moisturiser – will keep that dewy and awake look whilst hydrating your skin without clogging pores like a heavy foundation. Also great as a foundation replacement in hot weather. Try our Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm (can be used as tinted moisturiser, primer OR concealer, available in 7 shades from light to dark, a steal at £8.99.

Botanics2)    Body Cream. Hormone changes during pregnancy can wreak havoc with your skin so a daily routine is essential. Also, lathering yourself in cream after a nice warm bath can be a fantastic way to relax before bed. So take the weight off your feet and use our Boots Botanics (totally organic – the power of plants) Purifying Body Soufflé, £4.99.


3)    Bright Lipstick. Every woman needs her shade, and a bright pink lipstick can draw attention away from those other blemishes to boost your confidence and make sure you are always ready for those pesky paparazzi (we wish). Maybelline The Satin Collection in 163 Fuchsia will suit almost every skin tone and cheap too at only £2.79.

dscn05224)    Mascara. There is nothing like opening and applying brand new mascara, and when is a better time to treat yourself? Instant glamour and fluttering your beautiful lashes is an immediate mood lifter. Our favourite is Rimmel Glam’Eyes in Midnight Black, and won’t break the bank at only £5.99.

5)    White Eyeliner. The benefits of using white eyeliner are numerous: it makes you look awake, refreshed and can also make your eyes look bigger. A great way to combat the ‘heavily made up look’ and to achieve a fresh faced, natural look is to line your upper lash line with a regular eyeliner, and line the lower lash line in white. Still dubious? Try it! L’Oreal Infallible Eyeliner Pencil in Sheer Fidelity, £4.99.

Plenty about those nine months isn’t all that fun! It is however the perfect time to indulge in some serious pampering.

Love Kate xx