Wonder White

The all-white theme is well on trend this summer with several celebrities appearing in pristine white outfits this week. It is fresh, modern and ideal for the hottest day.

Celebrity Sightings In London - JUNE 23, 2014

Kim Sears crisp in white at Wimbledon

Coast Fit and Flare Dress - £35.99 @ www.vhoutlet.co.uk

Coast Fit and Flare Dress – £35.99 @ http://www.vhoutlet.co.uk









If you do not want to go for the total look, take the edge by mixing in some grey or pastel – nude or silver look good depending on the event. Different textures in white give an added dimension but make sure the shades of white match – best checking in daylight. Or try self printed fabric with white or cream printed on white.

Team with pale pastels to tone down the white.

Team with pale pastels to tone down the white.

Trousers look fab in white as does a power dressing trouser suit,  a cream shade can take you into the Autumn.

White denim jeans look fresh and summery and they can be dressed up or down in a variety of ways.  Wear with a bright colour or classic striped or Cambrey shirt for a cool look.

Accessories can add a pop of colour or keep subtle with metallic or pastels. For a casual look mix with boho necklace but choose dainty jewellery for an understated look.

Bold red or ruby lips give a polished finish or matte and neutral make up tone well, and a tan give a real pop to a white outfit. Remember to wear nude or white underwear!!


Simple summer cami and classic short trousers.


Maggie Gyllenhaal wears white with red lips and black accessories.


Flapper Fashion in the Roaring Twenties


Still image from ‘The Great Gatsby’. Isla Fisher as Myrtle and Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan, 2013.

The 1920s were thrust into the limelight in 2013 with the remake of The Great  Gatsby.  However, with the film’s costume designer, Catherine Martin, admitting  herself that she did not go into minute detail of replicating the exact fashion from the  ‘Roaring Twenties’, what is that fashion era all about?


Carey Mulligan wearing Miuccia Prada as Daisy Buchanan in ‘The Great Gatsby’

Fashion became more attainable for the normal woman after World War I. The styles  were much simpler, and therefor easy to recreate, so when we think of the style of  the 1920s we are thinking of what the ordinary women wore rather than just the  richest of society.


Actress Louise Brooks in a statement Cloche Hat.

At the mention of 1920’s fashion, we immediately picture the ‘Flapper’ fashion of the  shapeless shift dress, short sleek hair and perfectly glamourous makeup, but this  style didn’t actually come into play until later on in the decade. In the early twenties, dresses and coats were much longer than we think – calf length, and conservative.  Hemlines gradually began to rise, and then the radical movement of cutting hair into short bobs to fit under the cloche hat.

The waistlines of the shift dresses began to fall, and the knife-pleated skirts came into play in the Charleston era. The ‘boyish’ figure was popular, the low waistlines helping to disguise the bust rather than accentuate it. Underwear was changed to support this; the corset was abandoned and replaced by a camisole with knickers then later developed into all-in-one lingerie.

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The Fashion Queen of the 20s, Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel was undoubtedly the fashion queen of the 20s. As one of the first to cut her hair, wear trousers (shock horror!) and rejected the old fashioned corset, she led the fashion forward era. Chanel’s staple cardigan jacket was released in 1925, following on from the world famous fragrance of Chanel No 5 that was launched in 1922.

The Chanel Cardigan Jacket is still a staple, nearly 90 years on.

The Chanel Cardigan Jacket is still a staple, nearly 90 years on.


The 1920s proved to be a very bohemian era for fashion, with ideas that were many years ahead of the time. Possibly the most influential decade for women, the changing styles following the women’s movement and almost bolstering it along. Can fashion really be that influential?